We have the greatest pleasure in presenting the first issue of Srinagar Law Journal not only to the members of Bar and Bench but also to everyone connected and interested in the Law and its functioning. We deem it an honour to have succeeded in publishing the first Law Journal from the Valley and first of its kind from the State. We hope that we shall be able to make our humble contribution for the advancement of noble and dignified cause of the legal profession. It is a stupendous task indeed. The small beginning we have made, is the result and outcome of a long awaited earnest desire on our part to serve the cause of justice by placing before all persons connected with legal profession the latest word said about the law. In reality this is our goal. We assure the members of legal profession that we shall try to do our best and prove worthy of them.

While practically dealing with day to day legal problems we have been able to do assess the difficulties and shortcomings faced by the members of legal profession, which may be stated thus; the Law Journals already operating in the State are inadequate both qualitatively and quantitatively to serve the growing needs of the bar and the bench; the latest case law does not reach the lawyer as quickly as it should have been; the day to day changes made in law, not having been circulated widely, remain unknown to the courts of law, the leading case pronounced by the Hon’ble High Court reach the lawyer very late and the latest interpretation placed on law comes within the knowledge of the lawyer long after it has been pronounced. We have started the publication of this monthly Law Journal in order to overcome these difficulties. This journal will publish the latest amendments, notifications, Rules and statutory orders made by the State. It will be the first and the only journal to report all the reported and un-reported judgements pronounced by the Hon’ble High Court and the highest revenue courts. It will report the important and leading cases decided by the highest courts of the State, hitherto not reported.

It will strive to place before the reader the latest word said on law. It will also publish articles contributed by eminent jurists pertaining to subjects of general legal interest. It will report notes on important Supreme Court cases. Our aim is to make the journal so complete and self-sufficient, so that the lawyer practising in the state will not have to turn to other journals for reference and he will not be handicapped for fishing out the law.

Nothing relevant for the lawyer shall be left out and the journal will serve as a reliable and comprehensive reference book for him. In short the journal will go a long way in solving the present problems of the members of the Bar and the Bench. We have made sincere efforts to minimise the price of the journal as for our eye is very much on the lawyer who joined the .profession recently. In fact our aim has been to fix such a price as would enable the journal to come within the purchasing capacity of the junior most lawyer. We are fully conscious of the difficulties faced by the junior members of the bar. The high cost, of production, has however, bound us to fix the price of journal as Rs. 7-00 per copy. This is almost on the basis of no profit no loss maxim. We hope that the readers will appreciate our limitations and render their whole hearted co-operation and support in seeing this journal a success. This is their own journal. On this occasion we express our deep sense of gratitude to the Hon’ble High Court which was kind enough to grant us permission to publish the journal, but for which our dream would not have come true. We also feel highly honoured by his kind message our lord, the Hon’ble Chief Justice, Mian Jalal-ud-Din wrote for the journal. This has thrilled our hearts and will be a continuous source of inspiration for us and will go a long way in espousing the cause which we are determined to serve. We hope we shall come, up to expectations of our Lord Chief Justice. We take upon this opportunity to request the members of the Bar and Bench to give their valuable suggestions for improving the quality of the newly born journal. We shall feel it our privilege if the Hon’ble Members find time, out of their precious and busy schedule, to bestow their thoughts on this matter.

This is their journal and by doing so they will be serving the great cause of justice. Our minds are open and we shall readily make necessary changes whenever the Hon’ble Members will come out with proper suggestions. We also invite articles on legal problems of general interest from the members of Bar and Bench to be incorporated in the future issues of the journal. We hope the members of legal profession will encourage us in our humble efforts to bring out this journal. We eagerly await their precious suggestions and valuable guidance for making the journal more useful and advantageous for the readers, for whom it is primarily meant.